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Centrally located at Sheppard Avenue & Victoria Park in North York.

North York’s best selling master-planned community.


LSQ is our vision for everything a community should be. Centrally located, bringing together residents, families, visitors, and workers in the area.


The next destination
of Sheppard Avenue
and Victoria Park

LSQ is a destination master-planned community on Sheppard Ave. East in North York with residential, office and retail buildings surrounding 1.2 acres of green space. Over 1.5 million square feet of more possibilities to live, work, dine and enhance your world.

Destined to become a 24/7 community, LSQ will bring thousands of new residences with wellness-based amenities to the neighbourhood. A true master-planned community, it will provide new residences, employment opportunities, office, shopping and dining experiences, a central park with biking trails and walking paths.
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LSQ is designed for contemporary urban living with a variety of spacious residences and incredible amenities. Meeting the needs and wants of young professionals, and families alike, LSQ is a place to thrive where there is always more.

1,195,351 sq.ft. of residential

1,500+ new residences

6 residential buildings


Find more work-life balance at LSQ—a community without the commute. Situated within ConsumersNext, the area is destined to become one of the largest employment areas outside of downtown Toronto. LSQ was developed to support a seamless flow between personal and professional life.

3 office buildings

309,205 sq.ft. of existing office space.

180,000 sq.ft. new office space


LSQ includes the development of three new public, pedestrian-friendly and tree-lined streets. At the heart of the development lies a central park, visible from all corners of LSQ. To enhance visibility, we've carefully created sightlines throughout the blocks to showcase the park's proximity. Our focus on sightlines underscores the park's importance and accessibility to all residents.

+52,000 sq.ft. of new parkland

Walking and cycling trails

Children’s park

Public art displays


Enter a whole new world of retail possibilities just outside your door. European-inspired outdoor spaces are designed for connection and unique social experiences, creating the perfect gathering places for residents, a destination for the wider community, and an attractive invitation for businesses and services.

+53,000 sq.ft. of retail

Shopping and dining options

Diverse range of retail options

1 Lansing Square New Employment Use

Diverse range of employment opportunities

2 Lansing Square

Existing office building

LSQ Central Park

52K+ sq.ft. of new parkland
Launched Feb 2023

2550 Victoria Park

Existing office building
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Residential Buildings


Office Buildings


sq.ft. of new parkland


sq.ft. of retail


The benefits of owning in a master-planned community

Long-term commitment to create communities with impact

True master-planned communities are long term projects by a development group executing a complete vision from beginning to end, creating lifestyle amenities, public benefits, economic stimulus, and environmental sustainability. These initiatives bring meaningful transformation to a neighbourhood.

Strong sense of community

Retail offerings are programmed with intent to best serve the needs of the community by providing everyday conveniences and enhancing residents’ lifestyle.

Consistent urban design and neighbourhood character

Buildings and spaces are developed to flow seamlessly creating a functional, beautiful and inspiring urban experience. This is made possible through the centralized planning of a development group with long term commitment to the project.

New employment opportunities are created

LSQ Includes nearly 500,000 sq.ft. of commercial and office spaces with thousands of employment opportunities. Situated in one of the largest employment centres, Consumers Road Business Park is currently home to 20,000 jobs with an anticipated 13,500 jobs to be created through ConsumersNext.

Well-planned infrastructure supports the major transformation of a neighbourhood

Improved infrastructure supports greater accessibility for residents as well as contributing to employment density. Enhanced infrastructure supports demand and performance of office and retail spaces improving overall economic viability of the community and surrounding area.
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